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In what year was the Roman invasion of Britain?
Which Queen of the Iceni people rebelled against the Roman occupation?
What was built across northern England by a Roman emperor in AD 122?
In AD 871, which English king defeated the Danes at the Battle of Ashdown?
In which 1066 battle was Harold Godwinson supposedly killed by an arrow to the eye?
Who was murdered on Henry II's orders in 1170?
In which year was the Magna Carta signed?
And which king signed the Magna Carta?
William Wallace defeated the English in which 1297 battle?
Who was the Prince of Wales who led a Welsh revolt against the English between 1400-1415?
In what year did Henry V defeat the French at Agincourt?
The Wars of the Roses were fought between two rival branches of which royal house?
Which king was defeated at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485?
How many wives did Henry VIII have?
Who reigned for only 9 days in July 1553?
Which English sailor circumnavigated the globe on the Golden Hind?
With which 1605 event is Guy Fawkes best associated with?
On which ship did the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for America in 1620?
The English Civil War was a conflict between Parliamentarians and the supporters of which monarch?
Who, known as 'Old Ironsides', was made Lord Protector in 1653?
What started in Pudding Lane in 1666 and destroyed two-thirds of London?
Who became the first Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1721?
Which English highwayman was executed in 1739?
In 1796, which English doctor discovered the vaccination against smallpox?
Which mad king lost the American colonies during his reign?
In which 1805 battle did the Royal Navy defeat the French and Spanish fleets?
'Auld Lang Syne' and 'To A Mouse' were written by which Scottish poet?
Florence Nightingale nursed the soldiers of which war?
'Rain, Steam and Speed' is an 1844 painting by whom?
Who was the engineer of the SS Great Britain, Clifton Suspension Bridge and Great Western Railway?
‘On the Origin of Species’ was published by which English naturalist in 1859?
Which monarch -the longest reigning in British history- died in 1901?
Emily Davison threw herself in front of the king’s horse at which horse racing event of 1913?
The Battle of Spion Kop was a British military defeat during which war?
The insurrection in Ireland in April 1916 is commonly known as what?
Which WWI battle resulted in the biggest single loss of life in the history of the Brittish Army?
WWI ended when the armistice was signed on what date?
The abdication crisis saw 3 kings reign in which year?
Which WWII military operation of 1940 was code-named 'Operation Dynamo'?
Which healthcare system was founded in 1948?
Who became the first female Prime Minister in 1979?
In which year was the Falklands War?
Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented what in 1989?
Which year did Queen Elizabeth II describe as an ‘annus horribilis’?
In 2012, who became the first British man to win a tennis Grand Slam title since Fred Perry in 1936?

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