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Can you name the five-letter words formed from the letters of the phrase 'JUST FOR FUN' using the clues provided?

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Clue/Definition5-Letter Word
Formal combat between mounted knights
In traditional Japanese interiors, a thin mattress placed on the floor for sleeping
The nose of a pig
City on the Loire River, or museums offer guided ones
Puppies who are the smallest of their litters
Times New Roman and Calibri, for example
Inhaled powdered tobacco
Joan Crawford: 'I was born in ______ of a camera and really don't know anything else.'
Surface layers of playing fields; sods
To fill a ballot box with fraudulent votes
Clue/Definition5-Letter Word
'Jack ______ nipping at your nose'
A snuffle of derision
Mathematical term for the shape of a doughnut
A quadruped walks on all ______
Large 16th-century neckpieces
Permanently manned army outposts
Varieties of curdled soybean milk
To succeed one another in order: Take ______
To get someone out of bed
San Diego Chargers '70s and '80s quarterback Dan ______

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