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Can you name the five-letter words formed from the letters of the word 'GEOGRAPHY' using the clues provided?

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Clue/Definition5-Letter Word
When dried it becomes a raisin
A small electronic device also known as a beeper
Turandot or Aida, for example
Famous site of hominid fossils in Tanzania, Olduvai _____
The person handing over the money to the cashier
To feel one's way in the darkness
American composer ______ Carmichael
'Queen of All Media', her talk show ran for 25 years
Clue/Definition5-Letter Word
Words of gratitude: 'I can never ______ you for what you have done.'
Monster having a woman's head and a bird's body
Virus that infects bacteria, from the Greek 'to eat'
Gershwin opera '______ and Bess'
Informal word for overexcited or unusually active
One of the five annually-elected magistrates in ancient Sparta

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