Just For Fun Quiz / Mixed Word: Five from 'RELIGION'

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Can you name the five-letter words formed from the letters of the word 'RELIGION' using the clues provided?

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Clue/Definition5-Letter Word
Steve Miller Band: 'Big ol' jet air______'
Petroleum tanker
Milton: 'Better to ______ in hell than serve in heaven.'
Informal: Someone who is past recovery
Informal: Someone who is on their own a lot
Someone who stares at another in an amorous and impertinent way
To lubricate again
Location of the Fisher King's wound
Clue/Definition5-Letter Word
Offspring of a male lion and female tiger
Become familiarized with the language, jargon, slang, argot, etc. of another place: 'Learn the ______'
A triglyceride found in many vegetable oils
To go back on a promise (variant spelling)
An acceptable plural of 'genius'
A username or password
A bay window

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