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Can you name the five-letter words formed from the letters of the word 'LITERATURE' using the clues provided?

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Clue/Definition5-Letter Word
'See ya _____ alligator'
A brownish-red ceramic clay: '______cotta'
Caused to ignite again
Forced removal of American Indians from the Southeast U.S.: '______of Tears'
'______ words were never spoken'
U.S. system to warn of a recent child abduction: 'Amber ______'
JFK: 'The highest appreciation is not to ______ words but to live by them'
Soft drink bottles are generally measured in this unit
Name of Disney's 1989 Little Mermaid
Clue/Definition5-Letter Word
Opposite of 'urban'
Who the tutor tutors
The most powerful, rich, educated, specialized, or gifted members of a group
If your shoelaces come loose, you will need to ______ them
Ataturk: 'He is a weak ______ who needs religion to uphold his government'
A book's name
Scopes, Nuremberg, or O.J. Simpson, for example
One who applies grout
Any footrace longer than the traditional marathon length
Darth Vader to Lando: 'Pray I don't ______ it any further'

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