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Can you name the five-letter words formed from the letters of 'GAMING/MOVIES' using the clues provided?

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Clue/Definition5-Letter Word
Marcel Marceau and Charlie Chaplin, for example
Rolling Stones song ______ Shelter
Tropical fruit with orange-yellow flesh
Spanish for 'friend'
Form a palindrome: '______ Evian'
Diviners interpret these phenomenon
Scorsese film ______ of New York
Connoisseur or expert
Luke 9:48 'The least ______ you all is the greatest.'
The largest seaport in Italy
Margaret Atwood: 'The Eskimos had fifty-two ______ for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love.'
Spanish for 'airplane'
Lao Tzu: 'Being deeply loved by someone ______ you strength, while loving someone deeply ______ you courage.'
Star explosions
Gospel/R&B singer ______ Staples
Tom Cruise movie All the Right ______
To burn the edge of something
Michael Jordan: 'Talent wins ______, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.'
Last letter of the Greek alphabet
Clue/Definition5-Letter Word
'The end justifies the ______.'
It's used to flavor black licorice, ouzo, and sambuca
Singular form of a Sporcle quiz category
Spanish for 'notice' or 'warning'
H. Rider Haggard novel King Solomon's ______
Pertaining to sheep
Shakespeare: 'God has ______ you one face, and you make yourself another.'
High IQ social organization
John Lydon band Public ______ Ltd
Some snakes inject this
Decorative garden creature -- may also be well-travelled
Dirty old man: '______ Lothario'
Greek letter 'equivalent' to S
Muslim religious leaders
Best picture Oscar of 1944 ______ My Way
The building blocks of proteins: ______ acids
A skin disease, often in dogs, with scabby eruptions and loss of fur
Short for memoranda
Someone who leaves out all animal products from their diet
Duplicating machine using stencil and ink, before photocopying

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