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TranslationAnime Series/FranchiseLanguage
The Person Who Mind is EatenJapanese
Jumps StrikesChinese
The King Woman Who Throws AwayJapanese
Magical Using of AssaultJapanese
Black Sniper of the CliffItalian
Transverse PlayGerman
Good Fortune NewKorean
Animated GoneDutch
Beautiful MixtureJapanese
For the LandPortuguese
Genuine TeardropsGreek
The Slapping SoakFrench
TranslationAnime Series/FranchiseLanguage
Exorcist WagesKorean
Darkness Compared to BlackChinese
The Close Friend of NulRussian
Woman Anti-StewardJapanese
Horseman of the VampireSpanish
Crew MonthKorean
Surpass the Long Adventurous NovelGreek
The Holy SteelworkerGreek
Spirit in the Upper SectionGerman
Dead WeekKorean
Of Me with YouFrench

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