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Under which name does Snake work alongside SEAL Team 10?
Who kills the rest of the SEAL Team in Strut B?
Which weapon do you use to deactivate the electric floor in Shell 1 Core?
In this game, who is the cyborg ninja?
Which bird can you find outside the shell?
Which bird is found in Shell 1 B2?
Where on Big Shell is Emma stabbed by Vamp?
Which enemy do you fight on the helipad?
What weapon does Fortune carry?
What was Raiden's childhood nickname?
Which person's speech is interupted by Ocelot and Sergei Gurlukovich on the tanker?
Which company makes the M9?
Which bomb disposal expert turns out to like hiding in pantries?
After defusing a bomb covered connecting bridge, which aircraft are you attacked by?
Who is the only other named hostage in Shell 1 Core (other than Ames)
Which character had married Nastasha Romanenko?
Which group originally controlled the tanker?
What does Emma have two of in her hair?
Which living creatures does Emma hate and run away from (generally)?

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