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Has whiskers on his face
Wants to kill a certain someone
Painter of Team 7
Wood style user
Copy ninja
Blushes a lot
Has a dog
Name of the dog owners' dog
Skilled genjutsu user and leader of Team 8
How troublesome...
Flower aranger
Don't call him fat
Cousin to a blushing heiress
Her strength is weaponry
Can only use taijutsu
1st Hokage
2nd Hokage
3rd Hokage
4th Hokage
5th Hokage
Leader of the Uchiha clan
Brother of the Uchiha clan leader
Uses puppets
Has a giant fan
One tailed beast host
Two tailed beast host
Three tailed beast host
Four tailed beast host
Five tailed beast host
Six tailed beast host
Seven tailed beast host
Eight tailed beast host
Name of the one tailed beast
Name of the two tails
Name of the three tails
Name of the four tails
Name of the five tails
Name of the six tails
Name of the seven tails
Name of the eight tails
Name of the nine tails
Name of the ten tails
Assistant to 5th Hokage
Snake guy
Assistant to the snake guy
Teacher at Ninja Academy
She loves dango
Was a Ch┼źnin Exam proctor
Teacher of 3rd Hokage's grandson
3rd Hokage's grandson
Girl friend of 3rd Hokage's grandson
Other friend of 3rd Hokage's grandson
Bone jutsu user
Sound Four flute player
Spider summoner of Sound Four
Larger member of the Sound Four
The twins of the Sound Four
Most powerful ninja
1st/2nd Hokage's brother that was killed
5th Mizukage
Guard of Mizukage with byakugan
Seven Swordsman guard of Mizukage
Origami jutsu user
Rinnegan user of the Akatsuki
Old leader of the Akatsuki
Loves money
Prays to Jashin
Killed an entire clan
Fishy member of the Akatsuki
Puppet master
Art is a BANG
He looks like a venus flytrap
A good boy/Old member of 4th Hokage's team
Female member of 4th Hokage's old team
Mother of the main character
Teacher of main character's mother
Leader of Root
Female Konoha Council member
Male Konoha Coucil member
Toad Sage
Father of the laziest ninja
Father of the flower arranger
Father of the fat ninja
Father of the byakugan using heiress
Sister to the byakugan using heiress
Father of the caged byakugan user
Father of the bug user
Mother of the dog owner
Sister to the dog owner
Father of the avenger
Mother of the avenger
Root leader stole his eye
Has part of the nine tails in him
Mother of the current Kazekage
Uncle of the current Kazekage
Deceased teacher of the Sand Siblings
User of the Scorch release
User of the Explosion release
Name of the avengers snake
First summon made by the main character
Deceased boyfriend of the 5th Hokage
Can turn into water
Brother of the guy who can turn to water
Best friends with bone jutsu user
Red haired stalker to the avenger
Grandmother of Akatsuki puppet maker
Deceased father of the copy ninja
Ice release user
Demon of the mist
Employer of the demon of the mist

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