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This anime quiz starts off easy, but gets harder (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

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Captain of the Straw Hats
Who gave Luffy his Straw Hat?
3 swords style user
Navigator of starw hats
Sniper of straw hats
chef of the straw hats
doctor of the straw hats
archaeologist of the straw hats
shipwright of the straw hats
musician of the straw hats
Name of the straw hats first ship
name of straw hats current ship
The King of the pirates
Luffy half brother
Female warlord of the sea
Luffy grandpa name
Usopp dad's name
head chef of the Baratie
Zoro's Current Sword
Zoro's Current Sword
Zoro's Current Sword
Former Yonko
Luffy's dad name
Vice captain of the Roger Pirates
Name of the whale, Brook wants to meet
Zoro childhood rival
Where is Luffy from (... Blue)
Mayor of water 7

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