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Includes Sports anime, common and uncommon anime. Goodluck, some of these are pretty hard (AVG SCORE 34%)

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The Kings Avatar main character name
Colour of Lelouch's eyes before he got the geass
What school does Sawamura Eijun get a scholarship for
Diamond no ace main character
Takumi Fujiwara's dads name
(BNHA) Class 1A teacher name (not hero name)
What pokemon did ash CATCH first
What gender is Orochimaru
Tokyo Ghoul main character
Eren Yeager's dads name
Captain of the Straw Hats
3 swords style user
Who did Naruto have a crush on?
Straw Hats first ship name
Main character of Attack on titan
Kuroko's high school name
Main character of Death Note
Main character of Haikyuu
The 7th Hokage
Endeavor's son
Main character of Boku no hero acadamia
Sensei of Team 7
What is Japan called in Code Geass?
Who is the academy sensei of Boruto?
Who gave Luffy his straw hat?
Navigator of the straw hats
Weakest team 7 member?
Main character of Yawamushi Pedal
Driver of Akina's 86
Basketball character with red hair (not from kuroko no basket)
Name of table tennis anime
number kuroko wears at seirin
number kuroko wears at teiko
Number Sakuragi Hanamichi wears
Code geass main character

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