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Forced Order
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Every Day I Lay On A Pillow, I'm Resting My Mind1970
At The Office Where The Papers Grow She Takes A Break, Drinks Another Coffee And She Finds It Hard To Stay Awake1971
Fly Away Through The Midnight Air As We Head Across The Sea, And At Last We Will Be Free.1973
Well There She Were And To My Despair She's A Five-Star Criminal Breaking The Code1975
Hey, did you know that I'm Always going back in time 1978
Ooh, baby, A bird in the hand is worth two flying, But when it came to love I knew you'd be lying1979
Don't go chasing polar bears In the great unknown. Some big friendly polar bear Might want to take you home1980
The Mark Is Holding The Franc Is Fading The Drachma's Very Weak But Everyone's Still Trading1982
And If You Leave, My Pain Will Go But That's No Good To Me Girl, I Love You, Yes, I Love You1983
Are You Willing To Wager A Little Of Your Life? Are You Willing To Take Such A Gamble? Are You Ready To Walk On The Edge Of The Knife? Then I Think We Can Skip The Preamble1986
If There's A Fight I'd Like To Fix It, I Hate To See Things Go So Wrong. The Darkest Night And All It's Mixed Emotions, Is Getting Lighter Sing A Song.1989
He Settles Back, Takes A Magazine, Kicks Off His Shoes, As He Studies The Form Of Every Appealing Soubrette.1993
When you're crying like a poor little child And you're feeling like you never could be reconciled Don't forget a word of what I'm saying1997
I'm gonna fly to the moon Check in outta space Find me a suitable plot Build myself a place2001
Come on brother, all is forgiven We all cried when you were driven away Come on brother, everything is better Everything is better when you come home and stay2005
If you really love me baby Better then stayin in bed If you really love me baby2007
A girl and a boy One for sorrow And two for joy Three for a girl Four for a boy2008

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