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Can you name the Characters in 'The Silver Chair'?

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Girl, found crying behind the gym
Boy, tells the girl about Narnia
Lion, blows each child across the Sea
King of Narnia
Lord Regent
Murder victim, at the fountain
Heir to the throne of Narnia, also the enchanted Black Knight on the bridge
Owl, convenes a Parliament
Friend of the Royal Court, last to see the Prince before he disappeared
Marsh-wiggle, guides the children
The Queen of Underland, or any of her various guises
The Prince's horse
The Queen's horse
Denizens of Harfang
Warden of the Marches of Underland
Sleeps beneath the Ruined City until the End of the World
Gnome from Bism, temporarily captured by the group
Faun, attends to the group after they return above ground

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