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Can you name the Characters in 'Prince Caspian'?

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Older Pevensie boy, former High King
Older Pevensie girl, champion archer
Younger Pevensie boy, new electric torch
Younger Pevensie girl, first to see the Lion
Greatest of the woodfolk, personally blessed the apple orchard
Chief Mole, in charge of planting the orchard
Red Dwarf, rescuer of the Prince, himself rescued from drowning by the children
The title character and the main protagonist (This one should be 100% easy)
Usurping King of Narnia
Queen of Narnia
The Prince's caregiver as a young boy (no proper name given)
The Prince's half-dwarven tutor and advisor
Planet of Victory, observed in conjunction
Planet of Peace, observed in conjuction
Person to whom the Prince was escaping
The Prince's horse
Black Dwarf, rescuer of the Prince
Badger, rescuer of the Prince
Hereditary marshals of the lists, often suck their own paws
Squirrel, often employed as a messenger
Centaur, one of the marshals of the lists
Chief Mouse, loses his tail in battle
Chief Mole, arranges a feast of various dirts and soils for the Trees
Hare, detects the Prince's tutor approaching
Giant, one of the marshals of the lists
The Great Lion
Wild-looking boy, usually surrounded by a throng of girls
Fat man riding a donkey, often calling out 'Refreshments!'
Telmarine lord, paused to kill his own King
Telmarine lord, killed by the High King
Beruna schoolgirl, joins the victory cavalcade
Beruna school mistress, ran away in fright
Second Mouse, waits to cut off his own tail if the Chief must go without

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