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The adventure begins with Garfield asleep in front of a TV tuned to channel 3, whose call letters are:
This station begins its broadcast day with what show?
Garfield awakens, and blearily
follows the host in what exercise?
Garfield turns off the TV, then gasps 'Wait a minute! Did he say we could get a lot of ______ tonight?'
That question confirmed, the opening credits
roll with this theme song:
. . . which is sung by:
Garfield gets out of bed and goes to the kitchen,
where Jon is making:
Jon is scared by Garfield,
and his handiwork ends up on his:
Jon removes the object, whereupon it lands on:
The waste from Jon's work appears to Garfield
to be of the ______ persuasion:
But really it's a bowl full of:
Garfield convinces Odie to come trick-or-treating by offering a him a whole _____ of his very own
So, they go searching for costumes here:
There, Garfield sings 'What Shall I Be?'
Name any one of the costume ideas
considered during the song
But Garfield decides they will be two:
Garfield introduces himself to Jon by what name?
'and this be me first mate, Odie the ______'
. . . who is overdoing it by wearing four:
They go out trick-or-treating, and frighten
themselves three times by looking within the
costumes of one monster and two:
To continue filling their sacks, Garfield commandeers what type of vessel to cross the river?
Odie sets them adrift, and Garfield mutters
'I'd make him ______ if I had one'
Eventually, they come ashore on an island
with an old house. A bolt of lightning strikes.
What catchphrase does Garfield say here?
They discover an old man in an armchair,
who is so creepy, even the ______
on Garfield's hat shrieks in terror!
The old man tells them the island has held
a deep dark secret for this long:
Naturally, that secret is:
. . . which is due to be retrieved
that very night at what time?
The old man knows all this from
having been employed as what?
The old man escapes in their boat, with all the candy.
Shortly, a ghost ship emerges from the fog.
Back in the house, Odie attempts
to hide by burying his head in what?
'Not there, you dummy!' Garfield chides,
and they both jump inside a small:
Their hiding place is revealed when Odie:
In their haste to escape the ghost pirates,
Garfield forgets he can't:
Odie saves the night, but two pieces of
Garfield's costume are lost during
the rescue -- his hat and what else?
Of course, the night ends happily when the boys
spot the boat, with all of their candy intact.
What name does the boat bear on her stern?
Likely because, at the time,
she was married to what cartoonist?
Back home, Garfield grudgingly rewards
Odie with how much of the candy?
Garfield decides to unwind with some TV, but quickly changes his mind when whom appears on the screen?
And he's even wearing Garfield's:
The closing credits roll, revealing a copyright date of:
Garfield's Halloween Adventure was
adapted from what graphic novelette?
Just one more thing:
Odie wears his pirate earring on which ear?

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