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Can you name the following facts about the City of Calgary?

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Name of Fort when founded in 1875
Renamed 'Fort Calgary' in 1876 by
Current Mayor
11th Prime Minister, representing Calgary West
22nd Prime Minister, representing Calgary Southwest
Broadsheet daily newspaper
Tabloid daily newspaper
Primary River
Secondary River
Largest Park (provincial)
Nearest National Park
Annual Fair, Rodeo, and celebration of Western life
These race in the Rangeland Derby
Winter Olympics host during this year
Iconic structure, popular for its observation deck and revolving restaurant
Premier hotel and first 'skyscraper'
16th Avenue North is also known as this
The major North-South freeway (Highway 2)
Airline with Calgary Headquarters
Railway with Calgary HQ
All Postal Codes begin with this letter
Original Telephone Area Code
ClueAnswerExtra Information
Overlay Telephone Area Code
Overlay Telephone Area Code
Time Zone
Airport Code
Light Rail Transit system
NHL Team
WHL Team
NLL Team
Home of the above three teams
CFL Team
Home of the above
World-renowned Equestrian centre
Warm westerly wind
Movie series starring Christopher Reeve
1992 Best Picture winner, filmed in southern Alberta
2005 movie starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal
Calgary native who created the 'Spawn' series of comics
Rock band from nearby Hanna, singer Chad Kroeger
Don't be 'Insensitive' to this Calgary-area singer
Calgary-born footballer, played midfield for Manchester United
Calgary-born swimmer, won Gold at Barcelona in 1992
Calgary-born computer scientist, known as 'The Father of Java'
Calgary-born diplomat, subject of 'Argo'
Canadian capital, and is a Sister City
American capital, and is a Sister City

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