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Can you name the 4-letter words in this Scottish themed ladder?

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Northern most constituent country
of the U.K. ____ [RUNG 27]
Style of vocal jazz, usually
nonsensical sylables
Main peak of a group of hills
in Edinburgh, Arthur's ____
Scottish James Bond actor,
____ Connery
Despite popular myth the Queen does
not own these animals in Scotland
Scottish Star Wars actor,
____ McGregor
Showing energy,
style, and enthusiasm
Scots word for a close-knit group
of interrelated families
Curved nail found
on cats paws
A weakness
in a plan
A surface with no raised
areas or indentations
An impressive
Decomposed plant matter found in a
water-saturated environment
Pointed top of a mountain
(perhaps Ben Nevis)
Action of a bird striking or
biting with its beak
Scots word, to breathe hard
or with difficuty
Person showing excessive or
offensive sexual desires
Scots word
for lake
Security mechanism usually
operated by a key
Word for a Scot used derogatorily
by the rest of the UK
The Scottish Saltire makes up part
of this flag, Union ____
To talk
Scots word, to pull in
a sudden movement
Headquarters of the Metropolitan Police
in London, New Scotland ____
Poet Robert Burns is also known
as the ____ of Ayrshire
A marching group of bagpipe
players, pipe ____
Area of ground.
Goes with [RUNG 1]____

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