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Can you name the required answer for each category? You'll lose a point for an incorrect answer but can keep trying for the right one!

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Most Populous
•Other Cities•
◘Other Cities◘
○ Other Cities ○
♦Other Cities♦
■Other Cities■
Most abundant
gases in air
by volume
•Other Gases•
◘Other Gases◘
○ Other Gases ○
♦Other Gases♦
■Other Gases■
Most expensive
Monopoly properties
(US or UK boards)
•Other Properties•
◘Other Properties◘
○ Other Properties ○
♦Other Properties♦
■Other Properties■
Shortest time as
President of the
United States
•Other Presidents•
◘Other Presidents◘
○ Other Presidents ○
♦Other Presidents♦
First of the
Seven Deadly
Sins alphabetically
•Other Sins•
◘Other Sins◘
○ Other Sins ○
♦Other Sins♦
■Other Sins■
Most English Top
Division League
Titles (soccer)
•Other Teams•
◘Other Teams◘
○ Other Teams ○
♦Other Teams♦
■Other Teams■
•Other Capitals•
◘Other Capitals◘
○ Other Capitals ○
♦Other Capitals♦
■Other Capitals■
Most Wimbledon
Mens Singles
Titles (Open Era)
•Other Players•
◘Other Players◘
○ Other Players ○
♦Other Players♦
Subtitle of the
earliest Star Wars
film by release date
•Star Wars:…
◘Star Wars:…
○ Star Wars:…
♦Star Wars:…
■Star Wars:…
Country with most
Winter Olympic
gold medals
•Other Countries•
◘Other Countries◘
○ Other Countries ○
♦Other Countries♦
■Other Countries■
First thing that Right
Said Fred are 'Too
Sexy' for in the song
•I'm too sexy for...•
◘I'm too sexy for...◘
○ I'm too sexy for... ○
♦I'm too sexy for...♦
■I'm too sexy for...■
Shortest Shakespeare
play by number
of letters in title
•Other Plays•
◘Other Plays◘
○ Other Plays ○
♦Other Plays♦

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