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Who was the Marist Brother who founded the club?
What was the name of the charity established by the Marist Brother?
In which year did the club play its first match?
Celtic's first crest featured what emblem?
The colours of the club's home strip?
The style that those colours are arranged in on the home strip? (Also a nickname for the team.)
The nickname of Celtic Park?
The club magazine first published in 1965?
Where is the clubs training ground located?
Who is the all time top goal scorer for Celtic?
Who has the most appearances for Celtic?
Who were the opposition in Celtic's biggest win?
Which striker holds the record for the most goals in a season?
What was the score in the 1957 Scottish Cup Final?
Who is the clubs record signing, costing £6m?
For whom did Celtic receive £12.5m for in 2013, our record sale?
In which year did Celtic win the European Cup
1st Round Opponents
2nd Round Opponents
Quarter Final Opponents
Semi Final Opponents
Final Opponents
Nickname of the winning team
Right Back
Left Back
Right Half
Centre Half
Left Half
Outside Right
Inside Right
Inside Left
Outside Left
Centre Forward
Who did Celtic face in the 1970 European Cup Final
Who did Celtic face in the 2003 UEFA Cup Final?
Scorer of the fastest ever hat-trick in european club football?
Which striker scored the second in the 2-0 win over St Johnstone to 'stop the 10'?
Who was called the 'Maestro'?
Who was called the 'Derry Pele'?
Who was called the 'Holy Goalie'?
Who was called the 'Magician'?
Who was called 'Skippy'?
Who was called 'Yogi'?
Who was called 'The Bunnet'?
Who were the clubs shirt sponsors between 1984-1991?
Sponsor between 1991-1992?
Sponsor between 1993-1997?
Sponsor between 1997-1999?
Sponsor between 1999-2003?
Sponsor between 2003-2010?
Sponsor between 2010-2013?
Sponsor between 2013-2016?
From 2016 onwards?
Who was the manager between 1897-1940?
Manager between 1940-45?
Manager between 1945-65?
Manager between 1965-78?
Manager between 1978-83?
Manager between 1983-87?
Manager between 1987-91?
Manager between 1991-93?
Manager between 1993-94?
Manager between 1994-97?
Manager between 1997-98?
Manager between 1998-99?
Manager between 1999-2000?
Manager between 2000-05?
Manager between 2005-09?
Manager between 2009-10?
Manager between 2010-14?
Manager between 2014-16?
Manager from 2016?

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