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How well do you know Ticci Toby?

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who was the first person Toby killed
weapon found at the scene of the murdered teens
is Toby hyper and upbeat or sad and anti-social?
was his sister older or younger
who created Toby
who stalked toby after the car crash
who did Toby kill before he ran away
How old was Toby when he ''died''
another thing his mental disorders cause him to do uncontrollably
What weapon does he use
what does Toby kill his Father with
what did Toby do to try and escape the police
what is Clockwork's real name
his favorite food
whats his full name
what was his sister's name
Tobys partner/Proxy he is commonly shipped with
something his mental disorders make him do uncontrollably
How did his sister die
name the disorder that causes him to twich

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