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What continent do penguins primarily live on? A - Africa B - Australia C - Antarctica D - North America
What continent do penguins not ever naturally live on? A - Africa B - Asia C - Australia D - South America
Which type of penguin is the largest? A - Emperor B - King C - Adiele D - Chinstrap
How many types of penguins are there? A - 11 B - 8 C - 17 D - 15
How large are penguin colonies at maximum? A - 10,000 B - 5,000 C - 15,000 D - 20,000
Which of these is a type of penguin? A - diver B - Chinstrap C - Napoleonic D - Traveller
How do penguins huddle? A - They move in a circle and in and outward B - They pile up C - They sit in a circle D - They find shelter
When was the first documented evidence of penguins made? A - 18th century B - 14th century C - 17th century D - 15th century
You are the king of penguins! Type A to finish.

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