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Can you name the Final Fantasy Type-0 Characters?

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Blonde-haired boy who wields Cards
Young brunette girl who plays the Flute
Talkative and smart boy who uses a Bow
Competitive red-haired girl who wields a Magicite Pistol
Innocent and naive girl who uses a Mace
Silver-haired tomboy who wields a Scythe
Eldest member who uses a Whip
Red-haired boy who uses only his Knuckles
Impulsive boy who uses a Spear
Positve and comedic boy who wields a Katana
Black-haired girl who carries a Longsword
Serious boy who handles Twin Handguns
Dark haired boy who was transferred to Class Zero who wields Rapiers
Brunette girl who transferred to Class Zero who wields Daggers
'Mother' of Class Zero
Leader of Rubrum and the Director of Akademeia
Instructor to Class Zero
Machina's Older Brother
Vermillion Bird l'Cie
Merchant to Class Zero
Head of the Milites Government
Brigadier General of the Milites Government
Queen of Concordia
Concordia l'Cie
Suzaku l'Cie

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