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Textiles is the industry of ....
What's the name of Prim's goat?
When's Katniss' birthday?
Who's the oldest: Vick, Posy or Rory?
What's Madge surname?
What's Rue's favorite thing in the world?
What's the name of the male from District 11 in Catching Fire?
What's the name of the main underground in Mockingjay?
Write one member of the Star Squad besides Finnick, Katniss, Peeta and Gale
What's Snow's first name?
What's the name of the day when the district recieves food once a month?
Clove and Cato are from...
What's District 6 Industry?
What is District 5 industry?
What did Katniss kept inside the parachute in Mockingjay
Who had adjoining cells in the Capitol?
What's the name of the game in which Buttercup tried to trap the light?
What's Delly's surname?
Did Madge make it to 13?
Where are Beetee and Wiress from?
What did Katniss have to say for her special bow to explode?
The bread tinted with seaweed if from....
What does Panem mean?
What's Effie's surname?
Who kills Clove?
What's the first sponsor gift Peeta received?
In the end of the first games what does Katniss use as a tourniquet in Peeta's leg?
How's the poor part of District 12 called?
What's the name of Greasy Sae's granddaughter?
Tigris used to be a...
What's the first name of the new head peacekeeper?
What's the name of the two girls from district 8 that showed Katniss her Mockingjay in flat bread?
What were Bonnie and Twill wearing to prevent being caught?
What were Bonnie and twill trying to brew into tea?
When Peeta and Katniss are going to the Quarter Quell, Katniss asks for milk, what does the servant add to the milk?
What's Maysilee' Donner's relationship to Madge?
In the 2nd Quarter Quell, what killed half the tributes?
What's Johanna Mason dressed up as in the tribute's parade?
What's Gloss relationship to Cashmere
What are Wiress and Beetee's nicknames?
Who does Katniss join in the station of hammock making in the training center?
'This is no place for a girl on ____'
Beetee and Wiress called the weak spot of a force field the chink in the ____
What's Finnick wearing that convinced Katniss to be allies with him?
What's the first threat of the clock that they encountered?
Who died because of the fog?
Who sacrificed to save Peeta from the monkeys?
What did Presidont Snow used to kill his opponents?
What did the Capitol do to Peeta?
When Annie was back, Finnick never let go of her ___
What's the name of the mountain in District 2?
'Fire is catching and if we ____ you ____ with us'
What's the name of the Commander in District 8?
When the man in Distrcict 2 shot Katniss, what organ did Katniss lose?
Who trained with Katniss to become a soldier?
What's the name of the woman who trained the soldiers?
Before going to the Capitol Katniss made Johanna a ball of _____ to remind her of home.
What's the name of the tramps that were activated when someone stepped on them?
What were the mutts whispering when the squad was underground?
What does Gale shout at Katniss when the peacekeepers take him?
'You better tuck in that tail ____ _____'
Who does Katniss shoot instead of Snow
What does Peeta plant in from of Katniss's house back in District 12?
Who fed Katniss breakfast everyday back in District 12 ?
What's the name of Katniss' head doctor
'But there are much worse _____ to play'
Deep in the meadow under the_____
'You love me real or not real?'

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