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Can you name the Basics Of Economics?

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Can you name some basic Vocabulary?
Something you have to have?
Something you would like to have?
How much of something is available?
How much of something people want?
When there is not much left of a product?
Something you can use or consume?
Something that someone does for you?
Dependent on others for some needs?
A rise in prices relative to money available?
An investment that people pay to a company because they beleive that that company will make money?
Can you name some basic Vocabulary?
A collection of the stock trading done by companies all over the country?
A budget in which the money going out is equal or less than the money taken in?
Unable to pay debts?
A certificate of a loan to a government or a business?
An econmic system in which individuals not the government control the production and distribution of goods and services?
Money that is available for use?
Someone who buys and uses goods and services?
The supply and demand for a good are unaffected when the price of that good or service changes?
Relatively responsive to change as to a proportionate increase in demand as the result of a decrease in price?
Economic system by which the government has complete control?

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