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Who praised Bnei Yisrael instead of cursing them?
Who was Yitzhak's favorite kid?
Which giant threatened to crush Bnei Yisrael with a giant rock?
Who plotted to poison Ahashvarosh?
What animal did Bnei Yisrael kill that pissed off the Egyptians?
What were those animals to the Egyptians?
In what book did the earth open and swallow bad guys?
Which prophet killed a fat king as he stood up?
How many of each kosher animal did Noach take on the ark?
If one told Lashon Hara, what would go on their skin and house?
Name the book after Yehushua.
What did Lot's wife turn into?
Who was Menashe's oldest paternal uncle?
What is the first letter in the Torah?
What was the 7th plague?
What came out from that plague when it hit the ground?
What is the so-called 11th plague that hit in Neviim?
What was Shimshon that made it so he couldn't cut his hair or drink grape products?
Who built the golden calf?
What is the 5th book of the Torah- not name, but topic?

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