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Who was the first person to win the Single, Double, and Quad Dipseas in their lifetime?
Name a pre-teen girl who won the Dipsea.
Who is Mr. Dipsea?
Who was the first to win 3 Dipseas?
What famous movie star ran the Dipsea?
What year did Dipsea handicapping switch to age/gender rather than individual?
Who won the 1904 test Dipsea?
What is Cardiac's old name?
Who won the 2003 best time award?
Where did the Dipsea Demon live?
What color was the 2006 Dipsea shirt?
Who has the fastest time record for 6-year old boys?
Who won the family trophy in 2002?
Who was the first grown woman to win the Dipsea?
Who is most likely to respond to any message on the Tamalpa website about the Dipsea?
Who was the lone woman in the 1967 Dipsea?
What record was broken in the 1976 Dipsea?
Who got the most lopsided victory in Dipsea history?
According to Russ Kiernan, what time should a runner aim for at One-mile Tree for an hour finish?
What was banned in 1980?
Who was the Grand Chief of the Dipsea Indians in 1905?
What month was the first Dipsea run?
Who is the race announcer?
What did Jack Kirk attribute other athletes' early deaths to?
Who has the record for most Double Dipsea victories?
What May race is a great indicator for Dipsea predictions?
What year did the Dipsea Demon run his first Dipsea?
What year did the winner's penalty begin?
What place did it knock Sal Vasquez down to?
Who was the 1965 Miss Dipsea?
What movie did the Dipsea inspire?
Who did Bob Bunnell come 2nd to the year he won the best time award?
Who has the women's best time record?
Who was the greatest of the women's Dipsea hikers?
What handicap loss will Joe Spinrad experience in 2010?

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