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Can you name the animal characters in the themed four-letter word ladder?

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Love interest of last rung's killer
What William Chaucer would call a Ale House
Free from defect, disease, or infirmity
When you enter a house you may find yourself in one
Football wouldn't be much fun without one
A large bundle of hay
Herded sheep for farmer Hoggett
What the 41st US president would call his wife
The less you sleep the larger they grow under your eyes
For example, a weevil, a cockroach or a beetle
Are often paired with kisses
Very large
A fun winter olympic sport
Something fishes often can't resist
Traditional or popular knowledge
A brightly coloured Australian parrot
A fish with a serious memory problem
Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times.
Usually used together with a knife
Where you can cross a river or stream without getting too wet
What you use for nourishment
Aproximatelly 30.48 centimetres
Substance produced by an incomplete combustion
Someone from Scotland
Excrement, usually from an animal
Nasty Disney villain

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