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House is addicted to which medicinal drug?
Where have the patients traveled from to be seen by House in the episode 'Human Error'?
What condition does Dr. Remy Hadley suffer from?
What is the name of House's favourite soap-opera?...
...And the character of Evan Greer portrays which role in this soap opera?
The treating of a 'too nice' patient in the episode 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' leads the team to believe that House has which disease?
Who is responsible for the death of African dictator Dibala in the episode 'The Tyrant'?
Dr. Lisa Cuddy's day is the main subject of which season 6 episode?
Which hospital department is James Wilson the head of?
What is the occupation of recurring character Lucas Douglas?
After his resignation at the end of season 3, Eric Foreman establishes a diagnostic department at which hospital?
Amber Tamblyn plays which recurring medical student during season 7?
The problems surrounding House's leg are revealed in which first season episode?
What is the name of the actor who portrays the role of Dr. Lawrence Kutner?
Lisa Cuddy is a practicing member of which faith?
Who is the creator of House M.D.?
Which Rolling Stones song features at the end of the pilot episode?
House checks-in to which specialist hospital at the end of season 5?
In which episode is the viewer first informed of the death of Chase's father?
What is the name of House's rat?
Which condition finally presents itself in a magician in the episode 'You Don't Want To Know'?
What is the alternative title of the pilot episode?
In the season 2 episode 'Half-Wit', House performs which song on the piano, which is repeated by his pianist patient?
What is the first name of Lisa Cuddy's adopted baby?
Where was Dr. Hadley while absent during season 7?
Which song House and Cuddy perform during the season 7 episode 'Bombshells'?
Who portrays the role of D. Remy '13' Hadley?
Which of House's possessions does Wilson 'Kidnap' in order to get him to interview new fellows?
The character of Gregory House is said to parallel which fictional detective?
Dr. Jeffrey Cole is a practicing member of which Christian denomination?
Who is the billionaire pharmaceutical-company-owner who donates $100 million to the hospital?
What was Chris Taub's previous profession before joining House's team?
Which episode depicts a patient taking House and several others hostage in a desperate attempt to find out what is wrong with him?
Dr. Robert Chase is a specialist in which medical area?
What is the name of House's notable ex-girlfriend?
What is the first name of Eric Foreman's convict brother?
Which treatment does House receive at the beginning of season 3 which temporarily allows him to regain his ability to walk?
What is House's mobile phone ringtone when Wilson calls him?
Jennifer Crystal Foley plays which recurring character?
What is the name of the hospital the programme is centred around?
Which type of cancer did Allison Cameron's first husband suffer with?
In which year did House originally air?
Which actor plays doctor James Wilson?
What hospital department is House the head of?
David Morse plays which police office, humiliated by House in the clinic, in season 3?
Which movie does House jokingly say is responsible for him becoming a doctor?
Which instrument is given to House as a thank you from jazz musician John Henry Giles?
What is the name of James Wilson's first wife?
What is the first name of Wilson's brother who suffers from schizophrenia?
Which episode features the final appearance of Dr. Allison Cameron?
What is the first name of House's mother?
Which country are House and Cuddy returning from in the episode 'Airborne' when they come across an air passenger suffering from decompression sickness?
Which season 4 fellowship applicant was given the nicknames 'Scooter', 'Ridiculously Old Fraud' and 'Bosley'?
What is Eric Foreman's specialist medical field?
What type drink does House prefer while playing cards?
House induces what in himself to prove Dr. Philip Webber's new medicine does not work?
What song is used as the theme tune to the programme?
Who is the final person eliminated as House chooses a new team in season 4?
House M.D. originally aired on which U.S. telvision network?
In which episode does Lawrence Kutner commit suicide?

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