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Can you name the answers to the following questions based on the show 'How I Met Your Mother'?

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What does Tracy's deceased boyfriend Max leave her as gift prior to his death?
Under what pseudonym does Marshall hold the skeeball high score at a college bar?
What is the name of Robin's irritating co-worker who eventually hosts her own radio talk show?
What is the name of Barney's canine wingman?
What model of car does Marshall have (which almost reaches 200 000 miles on its odometer)?
What is the name of Robin's therapist, who she later dates?
In which episode does Lily first enter labour?
What is the name of Stella's Daughter?
What is the name of Lily's high school boyfriend?
The 'Slutty Pumpkin's' cocktail of Kahlúa and root beer is given what name?
What is the name of Marshall's friend from law school who represents Gruber Pharmaceuticals in the episode 'Twelve Horny Women'?
Following a breakdown, Robin Sparkles is reinvented with which grunge alter-ego?
What is Lily's maiden name?
Which actor plays the role of Barney's father Jerome Whittaker?
What is Ted's middle name?
Name either of the two subjects of the interventions for Marshall
What is the name of Robin's short-term boyfriend from Argentina?
Which university did Ted, Marshall and Lily all attend?
What is the actual name of the character the group first believe to be Moby?
Britney Spears portrays which recurring character?
What is the name of Victoria's bakery?
What is the nationality of the Elvis impersonator Lily knees in the groin?
Name any of the three regional beers Lily or Marshall bring back from trips with them?
Bryan Cranston plays which character, a colleague of Ted's?
What do the group call Barney because of the name written on his coffee cup?
In what episode do the group find out about Robin's pop-singer alter-ego Robin Sparkles?
What movie does Barney reference when describing his first sexual experience?
What is the name of the hybrid creature which first appeared in episode 'Matchmaker'?
What is the name of Ted's daughter?
What is the name of the Swedish Architecture Collective originally commissioned to design the new GNB headquarters?
What is the name of the Metro News One anchor who eventually becomes a newsreader in Russia after scandal ends his career in America?
What is the first name of the bartender of MacLaren's?
What addiction does Barney have?
Barney proposes to which girlfriend in the episode 'The Magician's Code - Part Two'?
Name either of Marshall's two brothers
What is the name of Ted's sister?
Name either of the writers and creators of the series?
What is the last name of Ted's former girlfriend Zoey?
What item of his clothing is 'retired' following Barney's perfect week?
What is the name of the bartender at the Farhampton Inn?
An autographed photograph of who does Barney plan to give Robin for their wedding?
What board game do Robin and Barney both claim to have never lost at?
Which actor attends Barney's bachelor party disguised as a clown?
What is the title of the second single by Robin Sparkles?
Which of Robin's ex-boyfriends is a celebrity chef?
Which of Ted's former girlfriends is portrayed by Laura Prepon?
What is the name of the Arizona Tech marching band?
What herb is Barney allergic to?
What colour is the umbrella exchanged between Ted and Tracy throughout the series?
What is the name of Barney's 'Rebound Bro'?
Which Minnesotan city does Robin pretend to be from?
About whom does Lily have an erotic dream?
What is the name of the goat which first appeared in Lily's kindergarten class?
Whose autobiography does Barney have hidden in his apartment?
Nicole Scherzinger plays the role of which of Robin's old friends?
Where is Ted and Stella's wedding due to take place?
Ted tastes which food item for the first time in season 9?
What is the title of the final, two part episode of the series?
What is the name of James' minister father?
Which country music singer plays the part of Tiffany, who is said to have Ted 'on the hook'?
What is the name of the bar Ted and Barney open in Ted's apartment?
What is the name of Tracy's former room-mate who Ted briefly dated?
What is the name of Lily's doppelganger?
Where does Ted intend on moving to before meeting Tracy in season 9?
The baseball Lily steals from Ted's boss is autographed by which former MLB player and coach?
What euphemism is used in the series for smoking cannabis?
What is the name of Marvin's short-term nanny?
What is the name of the play on 'The Final Page' of the playbook?
What is the name of the Hurricane that hits New York in the episode 'Disaster Averted'?
Which singer plays the role of Zoey's cousin 'Honey'?
According to Barney, a woman's age can be told by looking at which body part?
What American landmark does Ted lick?
Who does Barney credit with inventing the 'Three-Day Rule'?
Ted is the youngest architect on the cover of which publication?
Who is allegedly responsible for writing The Bro Code?
Which funk musician does Marshall believe Lily has hooked up with in San Francisco?
Barney's first date on Valentine's Day is with who?
The group race across New York to see who in a Downtown Restaurant?
Who provides the voice of Ted in the Future?
What is the name of the waitress at MacLaren's bar?
What building is destroyed to make way for the new GNB headquarters?
Ted, Marshall and Barney watch which Trilogy every three years?
What is the name of the board game Lily's father Mickey brings to Thanksgiving?
What movie does Robin say she does not like?
What is the name of Barney's fake son?
Who does Ted dress in the style of at Robin and Barney's rehearsal dinner?
Barney believes the host of which game-show is his father?
What bird features on a tie Barney has to wear after losing a Challenge to Marshall?
Which ice hockey team does Robin support?
Who plays the role of Barney's brother James?
What is Tracy's surname?
What game does Marshall create to get to know everybody better?
What is the name of Robin's sister?
What musical instrument is used as a euphemism to describe the sexual noises from the upstairs apartment?
What name is given to Ted's list of activities he says he is too old to do anymore?
What item, buried in Central Park, does Robin plan to have as her 'something old' at her wedding?
Who hired Lily as an art consultant during season 8?
Which American television personality is also searching for the 'Best Burger in New York'?
What violent sport is played by the Eriksen family?
What is the name of Ted's crazy last girlfriend before meeting The Mother?

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