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Can you name the countries by the dates from which they became independent nations?

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DateCountryAdditional Information
August the 27th, 1828Treaty of Montevideo signed to recognise independence
April the 7th, 1956The French protectorate is formally relinquished
January the 3rd, 1918Independence from Russia recognized by the highest Soviet executive body, VTsIK
June the 7th, 1929Ratification of the Lateran Treaty
January the 1st, 1956Independence from the Egyptian and British joint rule
September the 3rd, 1783Independence from the United Kingdom recognised
March the 26th, 1971Independence from Pakistan declared
December the 27th, 1949Independence from the Netherlands recognised
May the 20th, 1902Military Occupation by the United States of America ends
August the 15th, 1947Independence achieved from the British Raj
December the 12th, 1963Independence achieved from the United Kingdom
September the 16th, 1975Independence achieved from Australia
DateCountryAdditional Information
June the 1st, 1962Independence achieved from New Zealand
October the 1st, 1960Independence achieved from the United Kingdom
March the 20th, 1956Independence achieved from France
January the 13th, 1830President José Antonio Páez declares independence from Gran Colombia
August the 7th, 1815Restoration of the Ancien Régime, reverting the changes imposed by Napoleon Bonaparte
December the 29th, 1911Proclamation of independence from Qing Dynasty of China
August the 29th, 1825Independence recognised by Portugal
August the 24th, 1821Independence recognised by Spain in the Treaty of Córdoba
June the 19th, 1991End of Soviet Occupation which had lasted for 46 years
July the 4th, 1946Independence recognised by the United States of America on the 4th of July, 1946 under the provisions of the Treaty of Manila
December the 11th, 1931Statute Of Westminster
August the 24th, 1991Independence declared from the Soviet Union

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