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Can you name the event which happened first?

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Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter and sculptor was bornEnglish Channel swum for first time
The first Boeing 747 landed at HethrowThe Open University awards it's first degrees (UK)
Registration of births, marriages and deaths made compulsory in ScotlandThe carol 'Silent Night' was written
Canned beer first sold in US 'Bloody Sunday' massacre, St Petersburg
Walt Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty' releasedThe first of the Dead Sea Scrolls found
Last execution by hanging in BritainCanada raised it's new maple leaf flag
Gold discovered at Summerhill Creek, AustraliaFirst Edition of Oxford English Dictionary published
First Edition of The Financial TimesLondon University founded
'Aspirin' patented by chemist Felix HoffmannEngland won first rugby international vs France
Pennsylvania became first US state to abolish slaveryThe shoelace invented

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