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Can you name the Chemical Engineers who changed the world?

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Famous forNameAdditional information
Pfizer's Penicillin Pioneer150,000 soldiers of D-Day landings treated with Penicillin
Pfizer's Penicillin PioneerOriginally discovered by Alexander Flemming
Feeding The WorldNitrogen captured from air and used to make ammonia
Feeding The WorldAmmonia used to make fertiliser
Advances In FuelsFluid Catalytic Cracking Units
Advances In FuelsKnown as 'the four horsemen'
Advances In FuelsEmployed by Standard Oil
Advances In Fuels
Famous forNameAdditional information
Rubber and PVC75% of today's sanitary sewers are made from PVC
The Contraceptive PillCarl Djerassi also helped but he was a chemist.
The Contraceptive Pill
Coolants and PropellantsHuge damage to the atmosphere can be attributed to his inventions.
Liquefaction and Separation of Air
SeperationFather of high performance Liquid Chromatography
SteelPatented in 1855 reduced the cost of making steal by about 80%

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