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Engaged in a relationship with her teacher
Became the 'it' girl after Alison's disappearance
Was in love with Alison
Was brought to Radley after a traumatic experience
Was thought to be dead but later revealed to be alive
Wanted Alison to leave Rosewood and revenge on the 'Liars'
Engaged in a relationship with his student
Bad boy hacker who was a foster child
In love with Emily and on the swim team
Was blamed for blinding Jenna and murdering Alison
Blinded by Alison
Nerd that had a crush on Hanna
Blackmailed a teacher to get better grades
Emily's old girlfriend who was murdered
Hanna's ex-boyfriend from Season 1
Alison's old friend from Georgia who moved to Rosewood
The newest member of Rosewood's swin team in Season 5
Killed Detective Wilden and escaped to France
Spencer's older sister
Secretly filmed young girls including Alison, the 'Liars', and Jenna
Alison's older brother
Jenna's ex-boyfriend who was later murdered
Aria's mother
Aria's father
Aria's younger brother
Hanna's mother
Hanna's father
Hanna's step-mother
Hanna's step-sister
Emily's mother
Emily's father
Spencer's mother
Spencer's father
Melissa's ex-fiance
A pastor and Ashley's new boyfriend
Works at Radley
Ezra's old high school girlfriend
Who was thought to be Ezra's son
Alison's mother
Alison's father
A Rosewood detective who was murdered
A detective investigating the case of Alison's disappearence
A detective investigating the case of Alison's disappearence
The 'Liars' therapist from Season 2
Aria's ex-boyfriend who teaches martial arts
Aria's friend who has heart complications
Emily's ex-girlfriend whom she dated after Maya left for True North
Hanna's ex-boyfriend whom she dated after Caleb left for Ravenswood
Spencer's ex-boyfriend from Season 1
Was obsessed with and killed Maya. Went by the name of Nate
The student Aria's father had an affair with
The man Aria's mother dated after her divorce
A psychic from Ravenswood who helped Alison
Met Caleb on a bus to Ravenswood
The secret identity of the person or persons torturing numerous residents in Rosewood

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