Names of Regular Show Antagonists

Can you name the Names of Regular Show Antagonists?

Forced Order Answers have to be entered in order
Episode Name of Antagonist (no 'the's in front oAppearance/Details
Pilot/First DayFrom the very first episode and the second two remake of the first episode, this weed thing tried eating Rigby's prized possesion, a chair
The PowerThe head of Beef Burrito, the tail of Mordecai, and the arms and legs of Rigby
Just Set Up the ChairsAn 8-bit devil head that came out of a video game machine
Caffeinated Concert TicketsA giant bean of some sort wearing underwear
Death PunchiesA main character himself
Free CakeFive floating babies
Meat Your MakerA type of food that tries to marinate the others
Grilled Cheese DeluxeThese two men work in space and threw Mordecai and Rigby out of the Compound
The Unicorns Have Got to GoThese mystical creatures like to be bros and party
Prank CallersThis telephone-man does not like prank callers
DonWow, the same main character as before
Rigby's BodyThis bodiless pink glob took over Rigby's body
Mordecai and the RigbysThese are the future counterparts of two main characters
Ello Gov'norThis black taxi is really a human, but counted as a black taxi in this quiz
It's TimeA different main character is the antagonist this time
Appreciation DayThis imaginary ice monster came out of the Book of Park Records
PeepsA giant eyeball socket
DizzyDream-world characters, and two main characters' names spelled backwards
My MomThis is Muscle Man's mean brother
High ScoreA GGGGiant BBBBBearded FFFFace. See what I did?
Rage Against the TVA blue video game monster come to life.
Party PeteThis party-goer exploded from drinking to much expired soda
Brain EraserA nude memory of this main character
Benson Be GoneThis replacement for Benson turned into a giant and turned all of the main characters into human versions of herself
Episode Name of Antagonist (no 'the's in front oAppearance/Details
But I Have a ReceiptThis geek-y manager believed he this antagonist of the Realm of Darthon
This Is My JamThis humanoid tape likes to sing this ___ Song.
Muscle WomanThis is Muscle Man's girlfriend
Temp CheckThis shape-shifting mole tried to frame Rigby's life
JinxThis negative version of Rigby is named after Rigby's name spelled backwards
See You ThereThis main character threw a surprise party and pranked Mordecai and Rigby
Do Me a SolidThis main character was also an antagonist in episodes before this one
Grave SightsThese undead creatures came out of their graves to kill Mordecai and Rigby
Really Real WrestlingThere were three wrestlers that Mordecai and Rigby versed and you can list any of them - one had four arms, one was a snake-like creature, and another was able to breathe fire
Over the TopThis main character finally has his first chance to become an antagonist
The Night OwlThis guy froze Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost, Mordecai, and Rigby to become a millionaire
Go ViralThis elderly antagonist is actually a computer screen and was defeated by Wedgie Ninja
Skunked A mixture of a werewolf and a skunk (hint), this stinky monster turned Rigby into one of its kind
Karaoke VideoThis guy owns a karaoke bar named after him called Carrey O'Keys (hint)
Stick HockeyThis Chinese stick hockey player chopped off Benson's old friend, Dave's head off
Bet to Be BlondeThese blondes (hint) tried turning Rigby into a blonde himself and befriended Mordecai for awhile
Skips StrikesThis is a magical bowling team - you can put the bowling team's name or put any of the members
Creepy DollIn Pops's story, he owns a Victorian, living doll that attacks him, Mordecai, and Rigby
Death Metal Crash PitThis undead rock-and-roll band haunts their old RV in Muscle Man and Hi Five's story
In the HouseIn Rigby's story, an evil elderly magical ___ is the antagonist, though in the end of the episode, Rigby himself turns into this guy
Camping Can Be CoolThis half man/half deer creature lives in the Restricted Area of the camping grounds alone
Slam DunkThis basketball man actually helps Mordecai and Rigby, but in the end goes against them with Muscle Man
Cool BikesThis robot works as a ____
House RulesThere were three people in the Land of No Rules - there was a guy who wore an eyepatch, past enemies, and a parade known as the _______ Parade. Any of these you can type in.
Episode Name of Antagonist (no 'the's in front oAppearance/Details
Rap it UpThere was a rap gang in this episode- you can state the name of the group or any of the members
Cruisin' There were two boyfriend antagonists- name either one of them
Under the HoodThis paint can-headed man spray-paints the whole Park with graffiti
Weekend at Benson's This is Audrey's ex-boyfriend who verses Benson at a hot-stuff challenge
Fortune Cookie This guy wins the Park away from Benson and sucks everything into his fanny pack
Think PositiveThis main character forces Benson not to shout
Skips vs. Technology This is a computer virus that takes over Techmo's body
Butt Dial These are the guardians of the phone (hint) and try to join a band with Mordecai and Rigby
Eggscellent There were two men who were antagonists, you can list either/or - First there was a man in armour who Mordecai saw when he finished the challenge and then there was a wai_er.
Gut Model This monster made out of grease (hint) terrorized and burned Muscle Man
Video Game WizardsThe same main character as in 'Death Punchies'
Big Winner The main character as in 'See You There'
The Best Burger in the World Hologram versions of Mordecai and Rigby (easy hint)
Trash BoatThis is the leader of a band who became lazy because of Rigby (aka Trash Boat)
Fists of Justice The rival of Skips and the evil Guardian of Eternal Youth
Yes Dude YesA cloud girl who thinks she is Mordecai's girlfriend
Busted CartThis main character gumball machine (extremely easy hint)
Dead at EightDeath's dangerous, bratty son
Acces Denied This club owner's name is based on Madonna
Muscle MentorThis main character also was the antagonist in See You There and Big Winner
Trucker Hall of FameThese antagonists are what Muscle Man thought Muscle Dad was
Out of Commission This guy worked as a ___ at the Family Restaurant
Fancy Restaurant All of these people worked as ____ at this Italian restaurant
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  • This quiz is about the antagonists and villains from Regular Show, a Cartoon Network show.
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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2017

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