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'Girly, girly, girly, girly, girly!'
'That's that low fat margarine. You're gonna have to double up on that.'
'What Arnie and I had wasn't natural.'
'I don't even KNOW 60 people!'
'It's not as though the fetus has to drive anywhere.'
'Not that we have anything agains nudity. In fact me and Mr. Connor used to have sex that way.'
'Roseanne, did you know my name used to be Marjorie?'
'I feel like a leopard.'
'I smell Aramis!'
'Picture Mark, only more mature.'
'I don't need Rozilla leveling Chicago to find me.'
'Darlene says I'm a prevert.'
'Now Crystal, you know I rarely wear eye shodow anymore.'
'Thanks alot. Now I'm related to my girlfriend.'
It's another Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving at your house, Roseanne.'
'Work smart, not hard, Danny.'
'You're the reason there will never be a woman president!'
'My first baby was late. Actually so was my second. I probably should have mentioned that to someone.'
'I'm Elvis's ghost!'
'Holy Hannah, they were trying to balance!'

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