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Can you name the MBA Season 7 coaches?

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Info about playerCoachWhich League
He is very **** skinnyD League/Kalos
His name is PaulD League
He almost always losesD League
There is no meaning to his lifeD League
He's a NoobD League
Probably drinks Jack Daniel'sD League
His initials are 'Ass Jiggle'D League
London LopunnyD League
Will always be affected by Smack DownD League
Creator of the UPLD League
He likes DunsparceD League
Made it to Semi-finals in Season 1 of D LeagueD League
Is the Denver DonphanKalos
Nobody thinks he is good, and they're probably rightKalos
Other creator of UPLKalos
Atlanta ShocksKalos
One of themKalos
Always changes the chat names Kalos
Info about playerCoachWhich League
The British OneKalos
Part of the IlluminatiKalos
Why do you like spiders?Kalos
The other oneKalos
I can never pronounce his name rightKalos
Won D-League Season 1 ChampionshipKalos
A condiment that makes me gagKanto
MBA council leaderKanto
Went missing for a whileKanto
Yankees always thought you were technoKanto
Hi KidsKanto
another MBA council leaderKanto
Last in Kanto Power RankingsKanto
Loves Dachie, I ThinkKanto
Oh come, Oh come __________!Kanto
Is and will always be Steph CurryKanto
Sorry, who are youKanto

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