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With only the song lyrics,can you guess which country was represented by that song on Eurovision Song Contest 2014. ?

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What if its only one kiss
I got a cake to bake,I got no clue at all
We chased the stars and fell to the ground
At last I know what I should do
Don’t discriminate, tolerance is bliss
Free your heart, and let the peace enlighten your feelings
All we got to say, shine into my darkness
But may the slightest light
Bells rang,angels sang
You are my guide in life
Everything that we are and can be
And we woke up in flesh and blood
Quero ser tua o o o o ooooooo
Skies are black and blue,thinking about you...
S’tobom jedino znam za ljubav …
She keeps on running,running,running
I’m not holding back no I ain’t wasting time
You fill my soul with sins,but I have learnt to grow...
I hope that someone is gonna find me...
Pick up all the rainbow buds from the sky
We are slavic girls and we know how to ...
Out of the ashes seeking...
I'm gonna make you fall,down d-d-don down on your knees
Plain answer however, for I'll not surrender...
Keep your head high above the water...
I don't wanna be your boyfriend ,I'ts too late...
Where do we go now,to the sky,you and I,beautiful ...
Cause you think I’m lying cause you think I’m lying
No need to hold back drink like there is no other way
You dont know,you dont know is it love is it hate...
I can see It now,all the things I see...
He's gotta pen in his hand,a piece of paper...
C’est comme ci, c’est comme ça, Il y a toujours un truc que j’ai pas ...
E dimmi se c’è davvero una meta...
The rain, the rain, the rain
Dancing on the edge of time and it's ours to own...
A another cliche baby skuba duba dabda dididaj...

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