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Who did Stone Cold Steve Austin face in his first Wrestlemania match?
In what year was Wrestlemania X?
Edge took on which superstar in his last match at Wrestlemania XXVII?
Who left Wrestlemania XXV as Intercontinental Champion?
How many Wrestlemania events have been held outside the USA?
Who won the first ever Wrestlemania match?
What kind of match main evented Wrestlemania 2?
Who left Wrestlemania V as WWF Champion?
Vince McMahon has competed in how many Wrestlemania matches?
What was the tagline for Wrestlemania XX?
Which city hosted Wrestlemania XXVIII?
Which stadium hosted Wrestlemania 23?
How many Wrestlemania events have been held in Madison Square Garden?
Who left Wrestlemania XV as European Champion?
Who left Wrestlemania X7 as Women's Champion?
Who left Wrestlemania XI as WWF Champion?
Who was the WWF Champion heading into Wrestlemania XIV?
Which Wrestlemania was held in 3 different cities simultaneously?
Which Wrestlemania had an attendance of 93,173?
How many Wrestlemania matches has John Cena competed in?

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