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Who did CM Punk face in his first televised WWE match?
How many times has CM Punk won Money in the Bank Ladder matches?
Which title CM Punk win from William Regal in January 2009?
Who did CM Punk win his first World Heavyweight Championship from?
On which show/event did CM Punk win his first World Heavyweight Championship?
In which city did CM Punk win the WWE Championship for the first time?
Who was the co-holder of the WWE World Tag Team title with CM Punk?
At which PPV did CM Punk compete in his first Elimination Chamber match?
Which band provided CM Punk with his 'Fire Burns' entrance music?
CM Punk competed primarily for which wrestling company before joining WWE?
Who did CM Punk dress up as on the September 4th 2009 edition of Smackdown?
At which Wrestlemania did CM Punk appear as an extra during John Cena's entrance?
What did CM Punk lose to Rey Mysterio at Over the Limit 2010?
On which brand did CM Punk first compete upon his WWE debut?
CM Punk follows which substance abuse-free lifestyle choice?
Who did CM Punk attack and lay out at the end of Raw 1000?
What was the name of CM Punk's stable that he led from November 2009 to September 2010?
During his 2011 shoot promo, CM Punk referred to himself as a '____ ______' guy?
Who did CM Punk defeat to win his first ECW Championship?
True or False: CM Punk has appeared in TNA?

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