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Important Terms from the TextCan you define it?
The process that occcurs when individuals, small groups, or organizations perceive or experience frustration in attaining goals and addressing concerns.
Descriptions of the complex interactions of both individual and group perceptions, emotions, behaviors, and outcomes during conflict.
Latent, Perceived, Felt, Manifest, and Conflict Aftermath are collectively known as the:
Broad conflict management process involving discussions between and among individuals who need to come together for a decision or course of action; frequently associated with the n
Transactional processes in which organizational messages are deliberately generated; are based on environmental data, analysis, and strategy selection; and are guided by organizati
Strategic organizational communication involving an organization's image, internal communication, public affairs and issues management, media relations, and crisis management.
Process of managing all sources of information about a product that behaviorally moves the customer toward a sale and maintains customer loyalty.
Important Terms from the TextCan you define it?
Complacency, Organizational Silence, Knowledge Deficits, Risk Perception, Uncertainty, Resistance, and Organizational Trust are all ______ to change.
Educational Strategies intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values, and structure of organizations.
The general plan for disseminating information and soliciting input during planned organizational change is called ______, while ______ refers to the specific plan formed to deal w
When individual competencies match organizational competencies and the individual becomes a working member of the organization.
Parters of alliances across groups and organizations to leverage the best possible resources for a given project.
Collaborative but not considered permanent association of professionals working together for a specific project or service.

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