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Name the words that contain 'tip' or 'top.'

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Curator Pick May 4, 2016. Thanks, ZYX. US and UK spellings accepted unless the word contained requires otherwise.
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Gifts above payment due for service; gratuity 
Slightly intoxicated or drunk 
Move quietly or stealthily, especially through tulips 
Paint or draw using dots 
Shoes with a pattern coming to a point at the toe 
Italian appetizer featuring a variety of foods 
Places diametrically opposite on the globe; the oher side of the world 
A long segmented arthropod; a 1980 Atari hit 
Finding the product of two numbers; breeding, especially as done by rabbits 
Substance applied to reduce sweating 
Above or on 
November birthstone; Hitchcock thriller 
An ideal place or society; Thomas More's island 
Atoms with the same number of protons but different neutrons 
Roof; where the reindeer pause 
Society marked by misery and lack of control 
The creation of maps; the actual lay of the land 
A dinosaur with three horns 
Happening after surgery 
A word formed by imitation of a sound; Pow 

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