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Complete the 4-letter word ladder then identify the 8- and 12-letter words containing the rungs

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Curator Pick July 13, 2016. Thanks, BombaySapphire. US and UK spellings accepted unless the word contained requires otherwise.
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Word Ladder
Smallest unit of language
with particular meaning
What tree trunks
are made of
Hair of sheep
or llamas
Person with little judgement
or intelligence
Structure at the end of the leg,
used in walking
Shoe covering part of the leg,
including [rung 5]
Craft used
for transportation on water
To strike; to defeat;
Compacted soil from bogs,
used as fuel
Map showing
property lines
To have fun;
to produce music of theatre
8 Letter Words Containing
Witty verbal
Bitter herb
used in absinthe
Fabrics or clothing made
from sheep hair
Inexpensive paper, named for watermark, UK 
┬╣Comment or citation
at the bottom of a page
Wet weather
Flat-bottomed water craft driven by a large fan 
Accent on second and fourth beats of rock music in 4/4 time 
Wet, spongy areas
of decayed vegetation
Particle in blood that helps form clots 
Men of leisure, style,
and often conquest
12 Letter Words Containing
Persons who prefer their wordplay in two dimensions 
Person living deep in a forest
far removed from society
One who indulges
in idle fancies or daydreams
Designing against misuse or error (by idiots) 
low-level followers
Devices for cleaning footwear,
often in the West
Persons who assemble
water craft
Blissfully, beautifully,
like an angel
Unable to be said again; giving different results when retried 
Thin metal coating
applied by electrolysis
Persons who play the game of kings (and queens, knights...) 

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