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Can you name the words containing 'sis,' 'boom,' or 'ba?'

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US and UK spellings accepted unless the word contained requires otherwise.
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Small fertile area in a dessert 
State of equilibrium; suspended animation 
Origin or beginning; first book of the Bible 
Purge of emotions or tension 
Proposed explanation of a phenomenon 
( or ) 
Infectious disease affecting the lungs primarily; consumption 
A profound change in form; Gregor Samsa style 
Working through use of solid state semiconductors; jamming little radio 
Something that makes a loud noise; Berman or Esiason 
Large portable radio; iPad Jurassic 
Throwing club used by Australian Aborigines 
Someone born in the U.S. between 1946 and 1965 
The sound a sheep makes; a perfectly healthy sheep 
Unit of Thai money 
Very lightweight wood used in life preservers and toy planes 
Ancient counting and calculating system using beads on rods 
Large mollusk whose flesh is used for food and shell for mother-of-pearl 
Spanish gentleman; horseman 
Excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures 
Container for small bits of trash 
One not directly involved in battle; challenge decliner 

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