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Name the words that contain 'ba,' 'da,' or 'bing.' The quiz does not go black at the end. Fuggedaboutit!

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Curator Pick June 22, 2016. Thanks, ZYX. US and UK spellings accepted unless the word contained requires otherwise.
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Brothel keeper 
Mars mohawk guy 
Expel from the legal profession 
Roman god of wine and celebration 
A large marine fish, often canned 
Knit cap that covers the head, neck, and shouldertops 
Wacky comedy, à la I Love Lucy 
Divide a state into small, ineffectual, warring factions 
Coniferous evergreen tree; distinctive feature of Lebanon's flag 
11th letter of the Greek alphabet (Λ, λ) 
Long white radish, especially popular in Asian cuisine 
Describing an animal having two feet 
Female offspring 
Hindu art of medicine and long life 
Chinese dialect; small sweet orange 
Senseless talk; bluffing trivia game 
Edge of a sidewalk; making American History X memorable 
Neatening hair with a toothed implement; searching the beach for valuables 
Bout of excessive indulgence 
Form of lotto with a free space; his name-o 
Going back or away, as the tide 
Herald; omen 
System for conveying water or waste 
Woven material; spider's home 

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