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Name the words that contain 'rod' or 'cone.'

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US and UK spellings accepted unless the word contained requires otherwise.
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Stepped upon, especially as the Broadway stage 
To wear away through the actions of weather 
A humorous or satirical version of a more serious work 
Member of a group of gnawing or nibbling mammals 
Wasteful or extravagant; like a returned lost son 
Yielding good or useful results; avoiding Sporcle 
Shaped to move efficiently through the air 
The presentation of a person to another person or an item 
A creature having the reproductive organs of both sexes 
Source of hyperbolas and parabolas; edible ice cream chalice 
Rabbit (with a few good taters) 
Small, biscuitlike pastries 
Family of silicon-based chemicals used as lubricants, insulators, and adhesives, official sponsor of Baywatch 
One who hunts using a raptorial bird of prey 
The seed-producing body of particular evergreeen trees 
The blossom of echinacea plants 
Female clergy member ranking below a priest 
10^−12 of a unit of force; falling apples generate a lot of these 

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