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Name the words that contain 'bob,' 'tail,' or 'nag.' Somebody bet on the bay.

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Curator Pick July 1, 2016. Thanks, BombaySapphire. US and UK spellings accepted unless the word contained requires otherwise.
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Small tapioca balls used in bubble tea 
Small pieces of cooked meat 
British police officer 
Small spool of thread in a sewing machine 
Small 2-4 person vehicle raced on an icy track 
American quail species 
Whatchamajig, doohickey 
To throw into a state of confusion 
Imply or require 
To limit or restrict, keep in check. 
Bird or butterfly with a forked tail 
Woodworking joint using fan-shaped cutouts 
Overhanging deck at the stern of a ship 
Person who makes, repairs, or alters clothes 
Distinctive feature of many 1950s cars 
The creation of metallic currency 
Collection of animals on display, glass or otherwise 
Jewish place of worship 
Gathering secrets through clandestine means; spying 
Institute for the care of parentless children, redheaded or otherwise 
Word made by rearranging another word, a Sporcle favorite 
House provided by a church for the vicar. 
Removal of water from an area 

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