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Name the words that contain 'vera,' 'chuck,' 'and,' or 'dave.' Hint: Vera was the favorite; Dave was an accident.

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Gallery or balcony, usually roofed, along the outside of a building 
Liquid for consumption; drink 
Light vegetable sauce served with pasta; spring, Italian 
Intensely irritating or distressing to the nerves 
Continuing without regard to obstacles 
Able to be moved without difficulty 
One performing above expectations 
Star of Child's Play 
Tossed; threw underhand 
North American burrowing rodent; groundhog 
Japanese weapon, two sticks joined by a chain 
Stupid person; numbskull 
Loose scales shed from animal skin; anger or temper 
Bandit, especially bands in forests or mountains 
European plant, nightshade family, having a human-shaped root 
Australian marsupial, Crash for one 
Ornamental branched candle holder 
Primitive person; specimen of 'caveman' 
After a meal, especially dinner 
To create voting districts in such a way as to give unfair advantage 
Dead body; especially a human corpse for dissection 
Large formal sofa; largest of Iowa's Quad Cities 

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