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Name the words that contain 'cog,' 'ito,' 'ergo,' or 'sum.' Cogito ergo Sporcle.

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Curator Pick July 11, 2016. Thanks, ZYX. US and UK spellings accepted unless the word contained requires otherwise.
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Brandy distilled in a specific region of France 
Words in different languages with same base in ancestor language 
Main form of carbohydrate storage in animals, converted to glucose 
To think hard; ponder; meditate 
To identify as something or someone previously seen, known 
Having one's identity concealed 
Aware (of) 
Persons with special knowledge of a particular field 
List of the recordings of a musician 
Knowledge of a future event through extrasensory means 
Metal spike with an eye for rope; climbing tool 
Person managing the creation of material for publication; key Sporcler 
Greek god of the sea; son of Poseidon 
Cell reproduction by division 
Pear-shaped vegetable; chayote 
Japanese shish kebob-type dish 
Male voice between tenor and bass 
Building or space for public gatherings or performances 
System where advancement is based on ability 
Travel that involves farm-centered activities 
Disease of rye and other cereal grasses 
Arbor formed of horizontal trelliswork supported on columns 
To be subjected to; experience 
Subordinate deity; demigod 
Design of equipment to reduce fatigue or injury 
To eat to excess 
Irrational fear of work; leading cause of Sporcling 
Wastrel; spendthrift 
One who attends staged performances 
Items made from tanned animal hide 
Japanese form of wrestling 
Shrubs of genus Rhus, including an itchy poisonus one 
Mineral used in plaster, chalk, and wallboard; 2 on Mohs scale 
American marsupial 
To use; to eat; to destroy 
Japanese cultivar of the mandarin orange 
Largest island of Indonesia 
Number calculated to watch for data errors 
Longest day of daylight; fine night for a dream 

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