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thin spherical envelope of gasses surrounding the earth’s surface
inner layer of the atmosphere
gasses that absorb and release energy that warms the lower atmosphere
the lower portions hold enough ozone to filter 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays
consists of all the water on or near the earth’s surface
consists of parts of atmosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere where life is found
consists of the earth’s core, mantle, and outer crust
what happens due to molecules vibrating and helping warm the lower atmosphere
the science that focuses on how living things interact with one another
Feeding level
make the nutrients they need from the environment
converting sun rays and carbon dioxide into sugars
converting inorganic compounds from the environment into more complex nutrients without sunlight
cannot produce the nutrients they need through photosynthesis
animals that eat mostly green plants
feed on the flesh of the herbivores
feed on the flesh of other carnivores
Eat plants and animals
process that uses oxygen to convert glucose into carbon dioxide and water
process that doesn’t have oxygen and has different end products than carbon dioxide and water
A sequence of organisms, each of which serves as a source of food or energy for the next
the dry weight of all organic matter contained in its organisms
illustrates the energy loss with each simple food chain, assuming 90% is always lost
the rate at which an ecosystem’s producers convert energy into biomass
the rate at which producers use photo synthesis to produce and store chemicals minus the rate at which they use that energy
Life on earth cycles
collects purifies and distributes the earths fixed supply of water
the circulation of carbon throughout the biosphere, atmosphere, and parts of the hydrosphere
The balance of using nitrogen and the process of nitrogen fixation to give it back
the circulation of phosphorus throughout the world
The circulation of sulfur through the biosphere

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