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Can you name the 2-syllable words that sound like they could be spelled with just two letters?

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ClueThe Letters
It's often the written part of a test.
Abe's Four score
Heavy Metal band led by Ronnie James
Microsoft's spreadsheet
Elmer's mate.
Eastern belt
Common shelter for Plains Indians
A California Clementine
James Blake's nickname
Island near Liberty (formerly Bedloe's) Island
Chavez of the Mets who made 'The Catch' in 2006
Cockney greeting
A doll for winners
Aunt Bee's great-nephew
It's très 'good (or well)' in Paris
Benjamin Winans' better known name
Priscilla Winans' better known name
To decrease; or, to fall into ruin
Quantity beyond what's normal or sufiicient
ClueThe Letters
Ring-eyed pitbull on 'Little Rascals'
Rundown; decrepit
Usually falls between lust and gluttony.
Curved molding
Commodores song that peaked at #4 in 1977
Longtime Howard Stern co-hort Lange
Pungent, hot pepper
Press Secretary (for Clinton) Myers
Former Giant Defensive End Umenyiora
A set with nothing in it.
Ruhr city famous for Krupp family ironworks
Its original title was 'These Friends of Mine'
Small, round, and gleaming, such as eyes
They can be special, like in a Sci-Fi flick
Falco or Sedgwick
Garfield's bane
James who adapted 'The African Queen' for screen
Lyrically, she wants to be taken out to the Ballgame
(first and last name, two syllables each)

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